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Name:Gentaro Kisaragi



Upon first meeting Gentaro, one could hold a reasonable case for thinking he was a delinquent. He stands at a tall 6'0 with a penchant for your typical everyday street punk attire. He keeps his black hair slicked back on the sides with a pompadour style on the top. His wardrobe consists mostly of black and red, a typical outfit being baggy pants, a t-shirt and his favorite jacket. Oh, and his favorite kicks with a hecka sweet flame design.

Appearances do tend to be deceiving, though, and surprisingly enough the most pivotal thing to know about Gentaro Kisaragi is pretty simple: he wants to be your friend, and he’s dead serious about it.

Gentaro learned the importance of friendship at a young age, and since then being friendly is something he constantly strives to be. He believes heavily in the importance of a positive bond between two or even a group of people, and the moment he meets anyone who thinks otherwise he makes it his personal goal to prove them wrong by example. In that regard, Gentaro is both fiercely passionate and endlessly determined. A thousand rejections might slow him down but they won’t come close to stopping him.

At the age of seventeen he transferred to Amanogawa High School, his first declaration being that he was the man who would befriend the entire school. Many scoffed at the notion, but it did nothing to deter him from doing everything he could to make that statement a reality. After reuniting with a childhood friend named Yuuki, Gentaro quickly became swept up in events that would change the rest of his life. He came to discover that there were monsters lurking about the school, and the only thing that could stop them was a system invented by the father of Yuuki’s close friend, Kengo. Upon finding out that Kengo himself had tried and failed to use it, Gentaro made the choice that from there on he would take the responsibility and protect the school from the Zodiarts using the Fourze Driver.

As it came to pass, the Zodiarts were more than simple monsters. They were students of the school who had been given mysterious switches that transformed and warped the darkest parts of them. Even more than ever, Gentaro’s resolve to befriend the students of AGHS strengthened. Through fighting against the Zodiarts and those who granted them those powers known as the Horoscopes, Gentaro’s persistence and passion for others is what saved the students again and again.

As time went on the tightknit group of friends he had made grew, and eventually they became known as the Kamen Rider Club. Despite the hardships and endless dangers he faced as a Kamen Rider, Gentaro never once thought to quit. As long as he had his friends he believed he couldn’t lose, and eventually the bond that he and his friends shared grew into something strong enough to take on every challenge the universe threw at them.


This is an unofficial fan account created for the purpose of role playing; I am not Gentaro Kisaragi, who is the property of Toei. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is being made.

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